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Plan Members Also Typically Enjoy

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A substantial annual increase in their paycheck.

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Zero net cost for both employee and employer.

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Generous net savings for each enrolled employee.

Supplement Preventative Health Management

Plans for large employers with significant tax incentives.

Healthier employees. Healthier employers. Healthier businesses.

Healthy employees are absolutely critical to sustaining a healthy business. When employees are healthier, they’re happier, more productive, and better equipped to enjoy their lives both on and off the job.

The Live Life Healthy plan is a supplemental preventative health management plan designed to help large employers address the challenges of keeping their workforce healthy with a plan that offers a health benefit at zero net cost to both employer and employee.

Through The Live Life Healthy plan, subscribers gain access to a full range of comprehensive healthcare programs and services, a world-class combination of telemedicine, screening, testing, coaching, and much more. It includes many of the most important tools needed to live a healthier life in a convenient, user friendly package.

The Live Life Healthy plan allows employees to pay for qualified health care with pre-tax dollars in accordance with Section 125 of the IRC tax code. Through the plan’s premium, members effectively reduce their taxable income and enjoy an increase in their paychecks.

The result is an increase in pay for the employee and higher profitability for the company. Everybody is healthier, and everybody wins!


  • The Live Life Healthy plan provides supplemental Preventative Health Plans designed specifically for staffing.
  • Plan premiums are paid pre-tax, which reduces the FICA contribution for the employee, which in turn reduces the FICA contribution for the employer.
  • Open enrollment at any time of the year.
    Does not interfere with any existing medical plans.
  • Net Zero cost to the employee.
  • Substantial tax savings for the employer.
    All legal due diligence provided at our expense.
  • We cover all costs to integrate with the staffing company’s software, payroll system, on-boarding, implementation, etc.
  • On-boarding takes from 4-8 weeks, and savings for employers begin immediately after enrollment.

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the LLH Program

What it is

The Live Life Healthy plan is a supplemental health management plan that allows employees to pay for qualified health care with pre-tax dollars due to Section 125 of the IRC tax code.

It’s a suite of the latest health services and programs designed to help its members maintain optimal health and well-being.

Through the plan’s premium, members effectively reduce their taxable income and enjoy an increase in their paychecks. Everybody wins!

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How it works

  1. All employees enjoy auto enrollment into the Live Life Healthy program.
  2. We ensure each employee participates in at least one qualified activity each month.
  3. That’s it! Employees will enjoy new health benefits AND an increase in their paycheck.
how it works healthcare Presents
the LLH Program

How You Can Save

The Live Life Healthy policy pays its members in two ways. First, a fixed monthly benefit is paid to members for participating in one or more preventative programs. Second, when a qualifying medical event occurs, the member receives an indemnity payment. Employees see an increase in their paycheck, while employers see increased cash flow with the Live Life Healthy plan!

LLH Healthcare Program

Plan Benefit Details (1-5)

Supplemental preventative health management plans with significant tax incentives.

Employees will enjoy new health benefits AND an increase in their paycheck. Best of class wellness products combined with supplemental health insurance. It’s a new approach to insurance that benefits both your employees and your business.





2. FIXED INDEMNITY BENEFITS Filed directly with Insurance Company

2.1. Initial Hospital Admission $500 (max 1 day)
2.2. Daily In-Hospital $200/day (max 30 days)
2.3. Emergency Room Benefit $100 (max 1 day)
2.4. Ambulance Benefit $100 (max 1 day)



3.1. Digital and Online Wellness Coaching (managed by ERC, 100% employee participation)

Custom programs designed for long-term success. Led by expert nutritionists, personal trainers, and life coaches help facilitate pos¬itive behavioral changes to improve overall health. From smoking cessation to weight management our experts provide structure for self-confidence, control over their behavior, and environment. Mem¬bers participate via phone, providing convenient education, training, and encouragement privately with convenience.


3.2. Go! to Sleep℠

Get your best sleep, starting tonight. Our six-week online course, backed by The Cleveland Clinic, will help identify and resolve thoughts and behaviors interfering with restorative sleep. Our Go! To Sleep℠ program happens in the comfort of your home.


3.3. Be The Bright

In this current health climate, reducing stress is a must. In six weeks, our Cleveland Clinic Stress Free Now Program will increase positive emotions and energy. Relaxation techniques to help reduce stress with real-life strategies that will help manage your body’s stress reaction.


3.4. Annual Human Performance Assessment

In collaboration with Harvard, Aduro offers the Flourishing Index which gives an overview of your performance. Your program will con¬figure with customized paths based upon the results of your Flourish¬ing assessment.


3.5. Wellmetrics Home Test Kits and Vouchers

Home screenings provide your employees with the opportunity to take meaningful action through a convenient and supportive expe¬rience. The data ties seamlessly back into your well-being program; allowing individuals to track their progress and for you to better understand the health of your organization.


3.6. Telemedicine

24/7 unlimited access to a national network of licensed doctors via phone or video chat. Providers can help diagnose and prescribe in real-time directly from your mobile device.


3.7. Mental and Behavioral Health

Emotional well-being. You cannot address health and well-being without addressing mental health. It’s important to emphasize pro¬active promotion of emotional well-being and flourishing. Using a variety of entry points and modalities, our solution has more than 3x the engagement compared to offerings like EAP. We see strong, clinically-validated outcomes from these engagements.


3.8. Full Form Behavior Change Paths and Mini paths

Multi-modal learning activities and paths curated to engage and activate behavior change. Examples: All About Anger, All About Boundaries, Dream Big, Fast Fitness.


3.9. Usage Statistics and Reporting Dashboard

Dashboard allowing reporting and tracking of program usage.



4.1. Medical Pricing Transparency

A pricing tool that allows members to conveniently source qualified physicians, view medical procedure pricing information, and com¬pare medical pricing in various geographic areas. Shop for affordable care in a location that is convenient for you and make informed decisions regarding your healthcare. Search for services or proce¬dures you need, compare costs and save money on out-of-pocket medical expenses.


4.2. Pharmacy savings

Medications must be prescribed by a 1.800MD physician during a telehealth consultation to be eligible for this program. Pharmacy Rx Savings feature, access our database and view precise drug costs. We offer six options to save and obtain prescriptions, including pharma¬cy pick up at 60,000+ pharmacies nationwide. 1.800MD Free Prescrip¬tion Program* provides International Pharmacy access for specialty and high-cost drugs and enables you to obtain the most commonly prescribed telehealth medications at zero cost.


4.3. ID wallet

My ID Wallet is an innovative tool that enables you to enjoy secure digital storage of your benefit information, such as insurance cards, vaccination records, travel insurance and more. Easily upload and update all of your cards/documents and eliminate the need to carry sensitive information with you—it’s available digitally.


4.4. Health Records

Access records anywhere, anytime via an internet or broadband con¬nection. Review test results, access your medications, and share your information with healthcare providers, and family members. Set and track personalized health goals into apps/tools function.


4.5. Healthcare Liaison

Every Aduro member is given access to an expert Healthcare Liaison who will assist with scheduling medical appointments, researching providers and procedures, working with physicians to lower prescrip¬tion costs, and advocate on your behalf. Our Healthcare Liaison provides access to knowledgeable and compassionate professionals to help navigate the healthcare industry so that you’re informed and maximize your time and savings.


4.6. Medical Billing Review

Complimentary review* to help understand and manage your healthcare costs, with significant savings—up to 80%. Our expert medical advocates negotiate directly with hospitals and providers, on your behalf, with the goal of achieving discounted bills and accommodating payment terms. Our proactive advocacy services ensure members receive accurate costs and pay fair prices for medi¬cal assistance.


4.7. Insurance Plan verification

Your expert Healthcare Liaison, available to all Aduro members, can help you with the Insurance Plan Verification process, simplify com¬plex medical bills, answer any questions you may have regarding your benefits/coverage, and identify savings opportunities.



All interaction with the plan can take place on Aduro Smartphone Apps or online via a web browser. Once the user is logged in they can easily access all the features in one place.

5.1. In the rare cases where employees don’t have convenient access to the Internet, Wellness Coaching can still be conducted via mailings to the employee address on file.

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